Established in June 2019,

RAW Societee™ is a brand that culminates different artistic expressions that verbalize or represent what the masses think, but don’t have the courage to say. RAW Societee™ represents a class of individuals who are unapologetic and OWN THEIR TRUTH.

RAW Societee™ was established by Danyel V. Joseph. Although she is a jack of all trades and pursues different skills such as graphic design, photography, business consulting, marketing, and public speaking, fashion has always been her passion. Being able to utilize her different talents and create apparel for individuals that represent authenticity is a blessing in itself. Her ultimate goal is to change the world even in the smallest way by helping others understand that “it is okay to be human”. This is just one of her many ways of planning to do so.


RAW Societee™ is not limited to apparel.

It is not just "another brand."


© RAW SOCIETEE by Danyel V. Joseph