Amal Bryson - THE FACE.

Amal Bryson was born and raised on St. Croix, USVI. Amal is notably recognized for his passion for dance, acting, and the arts. He has performed in Denmark, Toronto, and different dance companies from around the world. His fashion, style, confidence, his STRENGTH has allowed him to push and break boundaries. Aside from being a renowned professional dancer, he recently obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Virginia State University while growing his Youtube audience that has over 11K subscribers. During his time at state, Amal blossomed into an entirely new person. One of Amal’s core beliefs, is that is important to love each unconditionally, be yourself and always remember that healing is our own responsibility. It’s yours. It’s mine.

Here's a few highlights from his interview.

What does RAW mean to you? "Imagine a person performing on stage naked. It’s not about the sex appeal, but it takes courage, grace, and strength. That person dancing has nothing to hold them back, conceal certain parts of their body, they are them, in their entirety. That’s what RAW means to me…AUTHENTICALLY being yourself, no matter who’s watching.” —‑ Why are you RAW? "In the past, my confidence has been perceived as cockiness, however, that’s exactly why I’m RAW. It’s an attitude; an aura. I don’t follow the same pattern everyone else does. I don’t confine to the same lines or boundaries. I honestly despise being put in a box. I’M RAW BECAUSE I’M ME."

Amal is the epitome of RAW and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

Amal will be debuting his short film 'Pretty Little Fears' funded by the Virgin Islands Council on the Arts.

Check Out ‘It’s Mine: The Survivors’ Documentary’ and purchase his survival guide here.

Follow @TheAmalBryson on IG for more information!

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