100% Cotton 6 oz Jersey

Classic 'Genesis' Logo (back)


RAW Societee™ Classic Tee

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  • The RAW™ Classic Tee is from 'The Genesis Collection' SF19. This is a premium item that will not be restocked. On the front of the shirt it has our acronym that stands for real, authentic, and world-class. The symbol on the back of our classic tee represents the seed of life which is formed from 7 circles through the genesis pattern. The genesis pattern is that of how God created earth in 6 days.The first circle is not part of the 6 circles representing the days of creation, but rather represent consciousness.The Latin origin for conscious is ‘conscius’ which means knowing with others or in oneself.Be “AWARE” of the fact that growth and evolving has no limit, but “KNOW” that you don’t ever need to change to conform to society’s norms or be accepted by others.

    No Remorse. No Regards. JUST RAW.